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I have always liked to work on a story. If you give me the big picture I can work on the details and help you create a place where you can make a difference. My designs are all original and not cliparts or from any free image sites. The pictures on my website are all originals.

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About me

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"This is me and this is my story"

Who I am

I would like to say with modesty that I wear several hats! I love to design, paint, sketch, and doodle. I find classical European painters fascinating, the angular faces of El Greco’s subjects, impressionists like Renoir and Degas, the intense faces of Rembrant’s portraits and the wild madness in Picasso’s works.

I love to read, blog, photograph. My favourite contemporary writers are Amitav Ghosh, Khushwant Singh, William Dalrymple, and my dear friend Jyoti Singh Visvanath. I am not ashamed to say I love to watch romantic movies! Among my favourites are; P.S. I love, Notting Hill, Dr. Zhivago, Legends of the Fall.

I love to hunt for beautiful things for my home. It may be a lamp, props for my sister (an accomplished photographer and blogger) or an intriguing artifact from a dusty antique store in Old Delhi. All of this stuff is on the prop section here, go check it out and tell me what you like.
I love to make my life a riot of colors, happiness, and I love my circle of family and my friends. Welcome to my circle!

Why I Design

I have always loved to dabble with various mediums, like painting, graphic design, and home décor. Design is my passion and I do not want to limit myself to any one aspect of it. My forte is in multi media design; creating electronic art for image makeovers and a new identity. You will find some of my work in the services section, which includes- logo and stationery design, book covers and layouts, paintings and sketches and web design concepts. (Most pictures on this website have been taken by me.)

My Favorite Music

Music is a major part of my life.
My favorites: Sting, Eric Clapton, Bryan Adams, Coldplay, John Mayer, Vedant Sharma, among many many many more.

My Blog

This is a blog of contemporary writings and my meanderings. Its called Horan Please

My Inspiration

My mother has always been a great inspiration to both my sister and me. She has always been a pivot of our lives. She gently pushed us into creating something in life, which has value.
She herself is a very accomplished Artist and works with a very difficult medium, which is thread. You could see her work on http://indigopress.com/gallery.html

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